Mean Machine

all titles composed / written by Lucifer's Friend
Peter Hesslein, Dieter Horns, John Lawton, Peter Hecht, Herbert Bornholdt
.. .
One Way Street to Heartbreak Hey Driver
. .
well listen to me mister dawn comes searching through the open window
if you're needing what I'm thinking - tonight she is going back home no more need to be told
just take a stroll down main street hearts are racing grab a cab the station :

well  you'll be taken care of -  alright

its all over baby thatís all she wrote


hey driver - make em burn : make em burn

the air is cool if the price is right


there 's hope at every door

take me down to the line - down to platform 9
. will we get there on time - make em burn make em burn

you're on a one way street to heartbreak

take me down to the line - hope I get there on time

no more roads to go

down to platform 9 - make em burn - make em burn

you're on a one way street to heartbreak

we can make it if we try

come on let me show you more



parents doubt that we could work it out :
this aint no time for high class those heartless words that drove us to the city

you don't need to act so funny - tonight

love has gone no sense in holding on

well just take a look around you

there's nothing else to say her love was pity

well there's freedom for your money - alright

hey driver - well make em burn yeah - make em burn



your just a face in an empty crowd

that's how it has to be (chorus)
. ..
now listen - you're on a one way street to heartbreak Mean Machine  - instrumental
 one way street to heartbreak .
oh yeah a one way street to heartbreak Cool Hand Killer
 one way street to heartbreak
oh yeah said  heartbreak don't trust those crying eyes
yeah said  heartbreak behind them hiding is a danger
yeah yeah yeah he'll greet you with a smile
. although he's just a passing stranger
and more and more .
hey - yeah yeah he leads a life of mr. average man
heartbreak on a one way street working the hours nine to five
heartbreak on a one way street he lives alone and does the best he can
yeah yeah yeah when the night closes in , you run for your life
 one way street to heartbreak .
. he is a cool hand killer
Fire and Rain eyes as cold as ice
.. he is a cool hand killer

hey in the mirror is it really you -  is that what's left of the pride

running in the night
another look would tell you what to do - youíve reached the end of the ride .
nothing fancy but you got the style - a cool headed dude you see him everyday
with that glint in your eye he's just a face in every station
. he takes the rush hour train
hey in the mirror is that really me - who knows what your going through to some suburban destination

   you been put down you were to blind to see - now here's what your gonna do


just pick it up and put it back inside - you wore your heart on your

nobody notices when he goes by
 sleeve without a disguise the feelings deep inside his soul
. he had his girls all leave him - by and by
lets take the fire and rain and start it over again when the night closes in, his blood's running cold
lets take the fire and rain cos you aint got -  you got no pain (repeat etc..)
fire and the rain .
(solo) Born to the City
. .

hey in the mirror what's been going on - your in a hell of a mess

one more night, oh well

    they think your crazy but you proved them wrong and you aint got no regrets

one more life going out of the door
just turn your head when you walk away - cos the blues got to lose spare me all the heartbreak
itís the name of the game take it slow, don't you give anymore
. .
(chorus) one more night forgetting
. all those days in the life of a fool

and now its all over - (they pushed you aside)

spare me all the pity
no one cares if you live by the rule

they took what you gave them (there's nothing inside)

going nowhere what do I care now
I just hope I'm getting through -  wipe that grin of your face, changing skylines , bringing lifelines down
cos I'm telling you .
(chorus) I was born to the city
.. raised out of pity
Action moving all the time
. born to the city
we want action  (repeat) raised out of pity
guaranteed living, living a lie
just because you're grown up oh, oh, living, living a lie
don't think you got it sown up oh, oh, living, living a lie
daddy let me put you wise .
we'll show you we're ready no more nights pretending
even though you tell me seeing lights spelling out my name
we can see your disguise streets are no existence
. one way moves in a two way game
people know we've changed .
and we can re-arrange this lines of mercy paying down and out
all the time you're putting us down crowded sidewalk cutting small talk down
it got you your respect .
it's time you gave away your crown I was born to the city
. raised out of pity
we wont wait for nobody  living, living a lie
no one's getting in our way born to the city
we are all sick and tired of listening raised out of pity
to every single word you say moving all the time
we want action , satisfaction oh, oh, living, living a lie
we want action , guaranteed oh, oh, living, living a lie
we want action , satisfaction .
we want action , guaranteed Let me down Slow
. .
they think it's kind of silly well, just another night, trying to get it right
to show us that they're willing  doing just as well as you're able
every time they're coming around give it to me slow, just a little more
well that was your mistake christ, I know you're willing and able
'cause this time I'm gonna break .
every piece of solid ground me I'm in the right
. you you're on the left
you've got to take a chance don't be leading me to temptation
'cause it's leading us a dance I guess it's time to go, well jus a little more
power in the palm of your hand you'll be leading me to damnation
you think you're all ok .
but there's gonna come a day let me down slow - don't let go
you wither in the drifting sand if you don't mean nothing at all
(repeat) let me down slow - don't let go
. feeling like I'm ready to fall
One Night Sensation .
. i gotta make you see
whats 's that you say, and what's that you're doing don't smile that way at me
your method she fits like a glove every time you think that I'm ready
all that you've given, is all that you take where it's gonna stop
but baby you didn't give love don't spill another drop
. christ, you know I'm here and I'm ready
you're leaving me flat, like a mouse in a trap .
casting your spell over me well,  just another night
don't take a thrill, but you know that you will feels like any night
don't take the life out of me lay your stacks up high on the table
. I gotta stop and think, well just another drink
ready to do, what you want me  to do christ, you've proved you're willing and able
ready to hear what you say .
just give me time, and I'll do what you ask let me down slow - don't let go
ready to do it your way feeling like I'm ready to fall
. let me down slow - don't let go
one night sensation feeling like I'm ready to fall
just won't let go .
one night sensation Bye Bye Sadie
just can't say no .
. ever since she was a young girl, little Sadie's made the news
now that you're here, don't go wasting your time from her style of country singing, to the blues
faith is a healer they say .
all that I'm asking, is all that you're giving now Sadie's hit the big time, and it's taken her away
but baby there must be a way to the city lights where she knows she's got to stay
(repeat) .
no way , this game you play bye bye Sadie, girl don't you cry
oh tonight, oh tonight - all night hide the tears behind a smile
. until the morning light (yeah)
one night sensation bye bye Sadie, girl don't you cry
and you just won't let me go it's much too late, been a big mistake
you're a one night sensation .
and I, I just can't say no so bye bye bye
no way, this game you play well two years in the  big time
oh tonight took her money and her pride
. 'cause her looks had gone  and left her high and dry
the last we heard of Sadie
well she had no time to choose
left her pining for the drinking and the booze
(repeat 2x)



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