Good Time Warrior

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Old Man Roller Meet you in L.A.
music: Peter Hesslein / words: James Hopkins Harrison Hesslein/Homs/ Starrs/ Hecht/ Bornholdt
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you had better watch out yeh you sit on the riverbank
when this cat is around he's motorbike child

you're watching the boats go by

he just takes to the road

you're twenty years old and it's burnin'

a riding chicken alone

gotta steal to survive

man I tell you he's wild

telling too many lies

with his hair greased back

but you're ready and the plans they are made

he hits the track .
be it town or freeway

you gotta get away

he rides speedway

you gotta see for yourself


there's a world out there just waiting

old man roller just gets going, yeah

giving up this street life has been on your mind

rock an rollin' giving everything he got

so move on today

when he's dancin' he rocks around the clock

and I'll meet ya down in L. A.

just a rollin' his everything in life is rock'n roll

New York, Chicago onto Santa Fe

rock and rollin' he twists the night away

once you've started out on that road

got a joke box and rock is all it

you aint ever comin' back

plays just a rollin'he doesn't have a care .
just rock'n'roll

and if you wanna go to sunny California


they got the girls who'll keep you warmer

he still lives in the fifties, yeah

once you've started out on that road

it seems that the times went and left him behind

you aint ever comin' back

everytime he's in town the people gather around

you sit by the railroad track

think he's out of his mind

you're watchin' the trains go past


thirty years old and it's churning

he really doesn't give a damn

you're still using the lines

what people think of him

but the're way out a time

they call him old man roller

so catch the next plane going

they laugh behind his shoulder .
they call him old man roller

you gotta get away

rock and rollin', rock and rollin'

you gotta see for yourself


there's a world out there just waiting

My Love

giving up this street life has been on your mind

 Hesslein/ Horns/ Starrs/ Hecht/ Bornholdt

so move on today


years fly past, and time is lost

my love, the teardrops in your eyes again

you never worry at all

was made me realize again

all you wanna do in life

that all I did was wrong

is follow the long winding road

but you know I was blind to love


so blind to your ways, all of your ways

you even tried saving money to buy a few things


but that was never the way

they were for me, and for me alone you gave it all

the way to get back on the road again

like a fool, I didn't know you would soon be gone

headin' for a new town every day

but to late, I see your face

and I'll meet ya - down in L. A.

I see the place where everyone used to play

New York, Chicago onto Santa Fe

playing games of love with you

once you've started out on that road

it used to be so right, believe me

you ain't ever comin' back

when I say, making love as easy for us


but you know, our love was wrong

Good Times

so wrong, and love has faded like the sun

 Hesslein/ Horns/ Starrs/Hecht/Bornholdt

now you know, our love was wrong


I'm sorry that I made you cry

I aint the way I used to be
. but hey! babe I'm fine

my love, I said goodbye,

well, I guess I may have changed

and now I know, maybe I should apologize

but who's the same

for what I did was wrong

all of the time

but you know I was blind to love

I missed the sign

so blind to your ways, all of your ways

lost the way
. .
Little Dancer 
I was almost goin' stone insane

Hesslein/ Horns/Starrs/ Hecht/ Bornholdt

you know what you've been doin'
. babe you're foolin' yourself

I went into a dance hall

when you were playin' for time

I was lookin' for a little romance

you had the best of those days

she was standing on the floor alone

I was a fool, and so blind

I thought I might take a chance

it was a game that you played

but when she started to dance


man, she was dancing on the floor

now that I can see for free why should I pay
even though I need some change

I knew then I had to move then

I'm gonna make it clear from today

had to find me another girl

I'm gonna step ahead grab a chance

thought I found somebody else, said

maybe fall in love, have a good romance

goodbye to my little friend

I know what I'm doin' babe, gonna

but this other chick

leave you behind

couldn't do the things


that I wanted for myself

Sweet little Lady 

when I looked around

Hesslein/ Homs/ Starrs/ Hecht/ Bornholdt/ Mavros

she was dancin' right beside the back door


what a mover, she was a groover

you're such a pretty schoolgirl movin' 

she was just what i was lookin' for

in a grown up world 

what a dancer, what a dancer

you go to all the rock shows hangin' round 

man, you oughta see her move

the back doors you're leaving way to fast

what a dancer


but a romancer

I know you're sucha good girl 
but you're livin' in a crazy world 

was something she just couldn't do

you're really goin' nowhere 

when I left the dance hall

and you're movin' like a fast train 

she was walking next to me

you'll never loose the past

all the guys they stood and laughed


they knew how she could be

you're lookin' so cool 

when we got outside

when you're standin' by the stage 
lord, she kissed me and said goodbye
just you wait cause you got a lot of lovin' to make 

I had to leave her, couldn't please her

It's what they want from you 

I just hung my head and I cried

and I know you want it too



all the signs

oh, sweet little lady 

should have told me

well you're a cute little thing 

I didn't stand a chance

but I don't wanna know your name 

no matter what I did,

sweet little baby

all she had in her head

and you're a little roller skater 

was to get on that floor

no one does it better than my 
sweet little lady
Gamblin' Man 
Hesslein/ Horns/Starrs/ Hecht/ Bornholdt
when you wanna give some lovin' 
I know where you go runnin' down 
papa said I'm a fool tonight
to where the bands play anytime 
he doesn't really try to know me
night or day 
I don't care! 
you do your thing so fine
the guys are here 
I've got the dice 
you're such a pretty schoolgirl 
gettin' old before your time 
you don't have to go to school today 
you go to all the Rock shows 
if this is what you wanna learn
hangin' round the back doors 
all the cats they wanted to play
you're leaving way to fast
c'mon, man
throw them
it doesn't matter 
Hesslein/ Horns/ Starrs/ Hecht/ Bornholdt
what game you play
it doesn't really matter 
this war is done, we journey on 
what game you choose
searching always for the other side
the death bells lonely cry says goodbye 
if you don't have lady luck
we travelled far, fought and won this war
pretty sure your gonna lose
thank god we're still alive! 
roll 'em once, roll 'em twice 
many men have died! 
you got to roll again 
I still hear them cry
if you're thinking to win 
you're just a fool 
on and on we go 
where will we be tomorrow 
shake 'em once, shake 'em twice
on and on 
you got to shake again you got to roll 'em 
sailing through the night
you got to throw them for me 
on and on we go 
I'm sailing down the Mississippi
we want to reach land tomorrow 
working like I know how
so blow you trade winds 
blow us through the night
I didn't know which way I was goin' 
but that's o. k. right now
we've fought and won many wars
a gamblin' man, it's all I'll ever be
I know someday
but don't you ever worry
we will surely fall 
I was born, when the odds were wrong
it's our destiny
my mama left me in a sure fire hurry
then the wind will softly tell the story 
of the men who die in glory and in shame
but they all die in vain. 
it's all so wrong 
young men grow old in such a short time 
god where is your mind! 
but the lords of war say 
this is how they play 
so it stays! 
the moon tonight, cries alone 
a filling star is brushed away
only fools would say we'll be saved
this war is done, we must travel on 
always searching for the other side
the death bells ghostly cry
is ringing in my mind
they hoisted up the sail 
and they let the flag unfurl 
then the wind did surely blow
so they crossed the Spanish main 
that's another world away
what awaits them no one knows 
the devil alone will surely know 
them for all the wrongs we've done
who'll save us