15. Sept 2018
Message from John Lawton & LF
Hi to all our fans/ friends out there.
It’s been a little quiet in the LF camp recently so we figured we should let you know how
things are right now....
We have had some health issues in the band over the last couple of years which have culminated
in us having to take time out from live concerts for the foreseeable future.
Peter Hesslein is especially affected as is Dieter Horns and without them there is no band of course.
We hope that you will understand the situation and wish them well…
On a happier note, our new studio album BLACK MOON should be finished really soon.
There have been unexpected delays in mixing / mastering as we want to get it right.
Our producer Simon Hesslein who lives and works in New York has been sending over the tracks
for approval and it’s been a bit of a process getting it right with such a distance between us.
However, although it seems like we are on the “home run” we have decided to wait until the end of
January next year, to release the CD, so as not to let it get lost in the Christmas releases.
In the meantime we have been busy writing loads of new material for a 2nd album,  
THE LAST STAND on which our new drummer Markus Fellenberg (he is brilliant by the way !)
is currently laying down the drum tracks, hopefully for an end of 2019 release…;-)
We thank you for all the support you have shown us since the reunion, not only online,
but at live concerts too!
We sincerely hope its not the end as we continue to be “Moonshine Riders..

                                                                                       John Lawton

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26. Dec 2017 Still a few of our unique Lucifer's Friend T-shirts left  via our Merchandise page !
  Lyrics for most LF albums are now online via our Discography page !! more to follow;-)



Welcome 2018
Thanks again to all our Fans & Friends for your continuous support  &
 encouragement during 2017
not to forget  all the nice comments about the re-formation of "Lucifer's Friend"
2017  kicked off with some successful concerts in Germany ...which is always a joy!
 Followed by a very successful concert at the brilliant Sweden Rock  Festival 2017
Our 2nd SRF concert in 2 years ;-)
The summer  festivals that followed , were great fun again, playing "Pyraser Rock Night" and
"Rock the Rock"  on Malta ...2 really fantastic  festivals.
In October we set off to Poland for Lucifer's Friend  first ever Polish concerts,
which went down a treat.
In the meantime Peter Hesslein suffered some health issues
that needed urgent attention, requiring the band to take it easy for a
while, which made it impossible to take any advance bookings !
Sorry to the agents/ promoters we had to reject...
The incredible  "Hammer of Doom Festival"  Wurzburg, Germany rounded up
our year in a very appropriate "Rocking " manner ;-)))
leaving us all some time for a well deserved long break..;-)k..
The writing for the new studio album "The Last Stand " continued during 2017
followed by the recording of the album in the UK and Germany..
The provisional release is planned for spring 2018.
Info for all 2018 gigs are here
  Hopefully see ya all soon..;-)
                                     . - Lucifer's Friend



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