16. Feb. 2019
Just a little teaser for the forthcoming BLACK MOON album release.....
We always try to bring you something new with every album.
On this one, listen out for an unbelievable “VIOLIN SOLO” on the track FREEDOM played by
Stefan Pintev and a blistering “TRUMPET SOLO” on the title track BLACK MOON played by
Chuck Findley....
Lucifer’s Friend ;-)
13. Feb 2019 Final release date for the forthcoming  CD "Black Moon" is 26. April 2019 on Cherry Red Records
25. Jan. 2019
Finally…a release date;-))
At last some good news ....the new album BLACK MOON is now complete...
We know its seems to have taken forever, but it was certainly worth the wait..)
A BIG BIG thank you goes to our Producer Simon Hesslein who in between running his own very
successful business found the time to “mix the hell” out of 10 new tracks...
Another BIG thank you goes to our Polish designer Damian Bydliński for the incredible cover drawing.
The downside is the release date though... because of “Brexit” and the uncertain economic situation
regarding the distribution, it has been decided to shoot for a BLACK MOON release at the end of April ..
Unfortunately there is no earlier release date available...
I hope you all understand )



Welcome 2019
Thanks again to all our Fans & Friends for your continuous support  &
 encouragement during 2018
 Unfortunately 2018 kicked off with ongoing health issues in the band,
resulting in us having to take time out from live concerts for the foreseeable future...
Peter Hesslein is especially affected as is Dieter Horns and without them there is no band of course.
The forthcoming Album "The Last Stand" was renamed "Black Moon"
with a release date of October 2018.

But there had been unexpected delays in mixing / mastering as we wanted to get it right.

Our producer Simon Hesslein who lives and works in New York has been sending over the tracks

for approval and it’s been a bit of a process getting it right with such a distance between us.

Unfortunately , due to unforeseen circumstances, the release date had to be postponed .
Release date is now 26. April 2019.
In the meantime we have been busy writing loads of new material for a 2nd album,  
THE LAST STAND on which our new drummer Markus Fellenberg (he is brilliant by the way !)
has been  laying down the drum tracks, hopefully for an end of 2019 release…;-)
We thank you for all the support you have shown us since the reunion, not only online,
but at live concerts too!
We sincerely hope its not the end as we continue to be “Moonshine Riders..
  Hopefully see ya all soon..;-)
 .                                                 - Lucifer's Friend



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