2. March 2020

Welcome 2020
Thanks again to all our Fans & Friends for your continuous support  &
 encouragement during 2019
2019 kicked off very quiet again, with ongoing health issues for Lucifer's Friend
resulting in us having to continue to take time out from live concerts
for the foreseeable future...
Peter Hesslein is still affected as is Dieter Horns and without them ,like we said before,
there is no band of course.
In the meantime we have been busy during 2019, recording our  new material for a   
brand new  studio album
 on which our new drummer Markus Fellenberg (he is brilliant by the way !)
has been  laying down the drum tracks, hopefully for a mid  2020 release…;-)
John just needs to finish the kyrics and put down the vocals..
Our continuous thanks for all the support you have shown us since the reunion, 
not only online, but at our  live concerts too!
                                      Lucifer's Friend



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